I thought it best to start my blog with something not so techno , more on the line of appreciation for everything, perhaps to say the simple things that we shouldn’t have to talk about but enjoy.

I was getting ready for a shoot late in this past summer, when I noticed that Little feet was at my window.

She was just flying about the window, then he / she stopped, we just starred at each other for a few moments, I could read her color around her face and a knew what she was thinking ”  You are the ugliest bird I have ever seen ! Where are your feathers ? Why can’t you fly? ” but I was thinking to myself ” You are beauitful . How do you do that ? That is soo Kool !

After the starring was over she refueled and I just kept watching. A couple of times she would come back to see if i was still there, still watching.

I started to put my camera together so I could capture this moment more for myself , I mean who would believe me if I said I was starring eye to eye with a hummingbird !

So anyway, I started shooting selectively so I won’t make to much noise. Then I would make the comment to her saying “work it work it !  No lie at one point she turned her head as to say ” really ! ” I’m a natural !

I stop shooting just to enjoy her dancing in the air. Just then I guess it was her jealous boyfriend for they squabbled about the feeder for a few seconds then both disappeared in a flash.

It was so kool to watch and shoot at the same time. I know that is why I love photography i get to experience it twice, then look and share that foto with everyone.


It was an amazing moment to share with her .


thanks Little feet


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