Contact Howard Robinson

Howard Robinson is a commercial photographer based on the Gulf Coast of Florida. He specializes in commercial / lifestyle / corporate / fashion photography for business and advertising.

While photographing friends and family for college projects, word spread of Howard’s creative talents. He soon had bookings from not only talent agencies for their model’s portfolios but also from local businesses and ad agencies to shoot for their marketing campaigns. Howard’s love of photography lead him to open his studio in 1988 and has continued to work with corporations, ad agencies and talent agencies, throughout the United States.

Howard treats each assignment as a new venture. His personalized artistry delivers a fun and creative blend of attitude and spontaneity. His easy- going mannerism keeps each production positive and running smooth while capturing the client’s ideas and in turn giving his clients the most variety possible.

Howard’s extensive experience of digital photography, lighting and attention to detail enables him to produce the finest quality work.